Gold Plug LLC Releases More Magnetic Drain Plugs For Motorcycles In Their Search Engine

BOZEMAN, Montana (November 14, 2012) – Gold Plug LLC has recently added a large number of motorcycle applications to its already large selection of magnetic engine protection. This addition allows customers to find the correct size for their application fast and correct the first time. Customers are raving about the ease of use. “Very easy to use search engine! I learned about your site from satisfied customers on This is my second order. These are a gift for a friend. You come highly recommended on that site by users. Word of mouth is still good advertisement,” says a customer. (via feedback form)

“This is a great example of how Gold Plug integrates our years of researching every application to provide our customers with the correct size the first time,” said Tim Patterson, owner and machinist. “We have searches for automotive and powersport applications. This adds up to 100,000+ year, make, model combinations. It has taken hundreds of man hours, but our customers love the feature.”

Gold Plug Magnetic Drain Plugs replace the stock drain plug. The powerful Gold plated rare earth magnet adds another layer of protection by pulling very small engine damaging particles from the oil stream. This resembles a fuzzy on the tip of the magnet and is easily wiped away at the next oil change.

“Magnetic drain plugs have been around since the military started using them in the 1930’s,” say Patterson. “The automotive industry has used them in the past, but cost cutting has reduced factory installation to only high end vehicles.” He points out that even these stock magnetic drain plugs are weak, only able to pick up a paper clips. Gold Plug claims their magnets can hold 5+ pounds.

Gold Plug LLC is made in the USA on American made equipment. They recently started blister packaging their product for stores and only use US material for this. They point out that they have been contacted to make special sizes for different applications. “We will do anything we can to make the customer happy”, mentions Patterson. To find out more, please visit

Tim Patterson, Owner

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