Introducing “Pops-A-Vent” Replacement Gas Fuel Can Vent Cap

Tired of new containers with the auto-venting?? POPS-A-VENT changes your glug, glug, glug to smooth flowing liquid! Less spills, easier to use, they should come from the factory like this! Cheap plastic replacements fall out, leak, and only give you headaches! POPS-A-VENT changes the game with a leak free seal and it will not fall out.

Easy install: Drill 1/2″ hole – usually the top, back of the container. Beware – the handles usually have extra thick walls, stay away from this area for the install.

Push POPS-A-VENT into the hole. The “POP” will let you know it is correctly installed.


The patent pending POPS-A-VENT is PROUDLY made in the USA.

Find it here:  Pops A Vent Pops-A-Vent

UPC 853871002778

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