Suzuki DF Motor Owners! Find our Fix here!

Do you own a 2002 to 2008 Suzuki Outboard with the exhaust port plug problem?    Galvanic corrosion got you down?
Find it here:

Fix this BIG problem now with our marine grade 6061 Aluminum CNC turned replacement!  The oxygen sensor hole is a problem in these engines with the stock steel plug corroding and making life difficult.

Our Plug is Anodized for Looks and Strength!

Each plug comes with an aluminum washer.  This is a replacement for Suzuki part number 09248-18010 (plug) and 09160-18031 (gasket)

We are the original fix for the DF Problem.  We have saved thousands of motors over the years.  Not ONE complaint! We know this motor and created the fix to save you money!