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Why rely on just any old drain plug, when you
can have one that saves your engine from
the wear and tear of metal particles?

GoldPlug began in 2001, and today is available for 100,000+ automobiles
& motorcycles, loved by our customers and their engines.

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We make magnetic drain plugs for over 100,000+
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From the Blog

3003 GoldPlug for the HONDA GENERATOR

Posted on Thursday August 30th, 2018

Our 3003 GoldPlug can hold a 15 inch / 380 mm wrench!!! This dip stick replaces the stock drain plug in your Honda Generator. #whoisprotectingyourengine #goldplug #thelastdrainplugyouwilleverneed #unlessyouloseit ...

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Posted on Thursday August 30th, 2018 has a new Instagram Feed!
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#anyengine #goldplug #whosprotectingyourengine #thelastdrainplugyoulleverneed #unlessyouloseit

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