GoldPlug NP246 Protection

Posted on Wednesday October 19th, 2016

Does your GMC/Chevy have a New Process 246 Transfer Case?  GoldPlug part IP-03X is a perfect fit to help protect this expensive piece of the drive line!  Look inside your glove box for Service Identification Pa ...

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Needle Bearings On GoldPlug

Posted on Thursday August 7th, 2014

Just sent in by a customer! Needle bearing on your GoldPlug? NOT good, but at least you have a heads up! Most likely Rocker Bearings. This was out a 2008 Chevy Silverado. This was a known problem in earlier 2000& ...

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“Custom” NPT Plug

Posted on Friday June 6th, 2014

A “custom” plug brought to us. It is out of a differential and is a nut, welded to a cut-off piece of pipe. Lots of welding to patch all the holes, this is farm engineering at its best! This might get ...

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GoldPlug At Oil Change

Posted on Monday May 12th, 2014

Another customer photo. The black gunk is metal particles that would otherwise be in the oil. Most filters claim a 5-20 micron rating, this stuff flows right through them.


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