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RoHS Compliance and GoldPlug

Posted on Monday June 8th, 2015

While it is not required in the US, RoHS compliance is a requirement in the European Union.  Sometimes known as “Lead-Free” , this legislation bans items containing more than the agreed levels of:


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What is Protecting Your Honda Grom??

Posted on Thursday May 28th, 2015

Your little 125cc Honda Grom might be fun to ride, but the lack of an oil filter means that little engine is constantly running metal through the engine oil, accelerating wear on all the moving parts.
Cheap prote ...

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GoldPlug is the NEW home of Banana Pan!

Posted on Wednesday February 25th, 2015

Duramax Diesel Owners!  We are the new home of the “Complete Draining Oil Pan for Duramax Diesel Engines!
Yes, machined in house to the highest quality!
Cold Weather Customers – Check out the 120V &# ...

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